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    Pallet Stretch Wrap

    Let's wrap you up in plant-based goodness! Our good natured® stretch wrap is 51% plant-based and contains no chemicals of concern. With a patented 36-layer nanotechnology that delivers great performance and durability you can be sure your products will arrive in tip-top shape. Plus, with no specialized equipment or application techniques required and no difference in performance, our stretch wrap is an easy peasy drop-in replacement for conventional petroleum-based options.


    Looking to get wrapped up in protecting your products and protecting the planet? Well you’ve come to the right place! Keep on reading to learn more about the technical performance as well as the environmental benefits of our pallet stretch wrap and if you like what you see, submit a request below and we’ll be in touch with a personalized recommendation. Now, let’s get right to it and jump into the specifics. 🤓

    With no specialized equipment or application techniques needed, our bio-LDPE pallet stretch wrap is a direct drop-in replacement for petroleum equivalents. Made from 51% plant-based material derived from rapidly renewable sugarcane and no Chemicals of Concern, there’s no downtime to make the switch, so you’ll be kicking fossil fuels to the curb in no time. Wondering about end of life? Our pallet stretch wrap can be recycled along with traditional #4 LDPE.

    Available for both hand and machine use, our multi-layer cast stretch wrap is produced using a patented process which delivers strong puncture resistance and solid pallet stability. This nanotechnology results in rolls that are lighter and easier to handle than traditional cast wrap. And switching to plant-based doesn’t mean having to compromise. Our wrap delivers super transparency and clarity, making bar code scanning, quality checks and general operations as efficient as possible. Music to all our ears!

    Our hand and machine wraps are available in a variety of gauges and roll dimensions with enough stretch allowance for all your most popular pallet applications. As a general rule, if you’re wrapping more than 15 loads a day, it’s more efficient to use machine wrap (provided of course you first have the machine!). For more info on this head on over to our buying guide or connect with our friendly sales team to get all your questions answered.

    Heard all you need to hear? Fill out the form below with a few more deets, and we’ll be in touch with a personalized recommendation that best suits your needs.