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    Our friends at Ex-Tech Plastics are the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of good natured® plant-based thermoplastic sheets. Made from up to 99% plant-based materials, and no BPAs, phthalates or other nasty stuff, we can get you on your way to eliminating fossil fuels from your packaging in no time. Our bioplastic rollstock works on any standard thermoforming equipment with minimal adjustments. So if you’ve already got a mold and just need the roll, let us show you just how easy it can be to kick fossil fuels out of your packaging and straight to the curb. good natured® plant-based extruded sheet is available in a number of distinct grades for a variety of applications: 

    TFF02000– The Workhorse – 99% plant-based, food safe and heat resistant to 115F (45C), these sheets are great for food applications where high heat is not an issue and are BPI certified compostable up to gauge of 20mil. 

    TFF02005 – The Step Up – 99% plant-based, food safe and heat resistant to 115F (45C), it’s got some extra oomph for a bit more drop-kick durability and is BPI certified compostable up to gauge of 20mil.

    TFN02015 – The Tough Guy – 97% plant-based and heat resistant to 115F (45C), a bit lower plant-based content, but these sheets offer top notch drop-kick durability.

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